My New Life- Part One

My last sunrise on Donlands Avenue

My move date was March 30. I had been packing and purging since January.

And then the pandemic hit. I was afraid that my movers wouldn’t be allowed to work and I would have no place to live. But they came through on that rainy Monday morning. “Social distancing” was a new concept and we got it mostly wrong.  But a few hours later, I was transported to my new home in Harbord Village, near Kensington Market.

yes, it was a rainy day. But no snow!

Once my books were unpacked, I felt better.

I had been following the news from my friends in Italy so I had an idea of what was coming.

Anna says:

Here all is so sad. It is not real, the only thing you can hear the sirens of the ambulance cars.

Buy plastic gloves! please wear them always when you go out, have 3 m distance from all people, and don’t Touch tour face, no mouth, no eyes, no nose, nothing and when you put away the gloves wash your hands. Marcie prepare yourself to be a long time alone. Streets will be empty, no noise of cars, planes, nothing….. the plant earth is angry a little virus stops everything….we are all nothing…

Here is nothing. Marcie it is terrible. Only Police. Only supermarket 3 hours waiting to come in. You can stay only at home. Buy things to do your cards, to read, to make gym at home.

here is a link to a drone tour of Florence during the height of the crisis:

And thanks to some wonderful ex-pats I met in Lucca, I have been kept up to date about how life fares there. I watch the numbers every day, thanks to Jim Corcoran, Administrator of the Facebook group English Mondays In Lucca. This has brought me both comfort, and distress.

My new neighbourhood has some amazing street art!

and despite all the sorrow, spring slowly makes itself seen

Spring snow!

and I need to share some of the food we have created! The sourdough starter was like having a baby to care for, so I did not proceed.

Before the pandemic, I enjoyed a daily writing practice. My memoir was starting to gel. But now, I can hardly read a book, let alone watch a movie! So I do what I know best. When I can’t write, I make art. And sometimes it frees me to continue writing…. or at least to have some original cards around !

Part Two of My New Life is coming at you soon! Do you want to see more photos? Please leave me a note in the comments section and let me know how you are doing!

4 thoughts on “My New Life- Part One

  1. Happy to know you are safe & settled nicely in a neighbourhood that may keep your memories of Italy alive. The street art pictures are wonderful. It seems over the years that our travels to Toronto have had very specific purposes – work, sports events, theatre, shopping and more recently lots of medical appointments. I realize that I haven’t taken the time to really see the city and all the beauty it holds. Perhaps when things are safer I will make a point of doing that as we will likely be limited to Domestic travel for some time. Save me some of those cinnamon buns!

    • Thanks for your note- and let me know if we can ever meet in Toronto- when it’s safe to do so- before the snow flies again!

  2. Hi Marcie! Thanks for posting this, as I have thought about our old spin group during these strange times! All is well with our crew, staying “sheltered” to be safe and keeping health. Not how either of us planned to spend this chunk of our first year of retirement, and we cancelled our May trip to Italy. But that trip will happen one day soon! Take care, glad you are well, love the neighborhood wall-garage door art. Keep in touch

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