Life Begins at 60!

I arrived in Fiesole the day before my friend Anna’s 60th birthday party. Her sister Do ( AKA The Baby) and niece, Klara, from Germany, were also early arrivals.

Some of you will recognize Novella, the private chef who has cooked for Pronto Marcella’s guests and always creates a taste adventure.

Nouvella takes care of everything

Tili smells chicken liver, AKA best crostini I’ve ever had

When the guests arrived, we were twenty.

Anna, Do and Klara are getting the party started
However, Anna is NOT 90!

Happy times with Vanni

Delicious and elegant food

Beautiful friends

We danced until after 2:00 am! Can’t wait to see what Anna will do when she turns 70!

Someone is a wallflower

The kitchen at the end of the night- you couldn’t even tell it was in use!

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