Tuscany 2020

Something new is in the air

Meet Arianna and Alessio of KM Zero Tours!

For the past few years, I have been meeting with my friends Arianna and Alessio who own and operate  KM Zero Tours (Kilometer Zero Tours).

Their philosophy meshes well with mine; get to know the people, the small villages, the local farms and the regional producers in Chianti, while appreciating slow food and slow travel. Introduce North Americans to our special  Italian friends –at the dinner table or in the vineyards– and everyone’s life is enriched by the process.

Arianna and Alessio are the most qualified people I know to show you Tuscany. They are Italian after all! They live in the area and are sharing their backyard with you, and what a backyard it is!

We have decided to collaborate and see what magic we can create by pooling our resources.

Pronto Marcella and KM Zero groups have been visiting the same farms, cooking classes and local artisans. In fact, we have discovered that we share many of the same friends!

Anyone you recognize here?

I will be meeting with individuals and small groups in North America to help design your experience in Tuscany. I will work closely with KM Zero Tours to create and personalize your adventure. Once you are in Tuscany, Arianna and Alessio will be your hosts starting from the minute you land in Florence.

cooking with Francesca

If you have travelled with me in the past, or have always wanted to, now is a great time to plan an adventure for 2020. Please reach out to me so we can start the discussion.  Isn’t it time you experienced Tuscany without being a tourist?   I promise you a fantastic time!


of course, a visit to Nora’s Cashmere goat farm is always a treat!
in November,  we harvest the olives!
I can’t wait for you to meet my Italian friends!

6 thoughts on “Tuscany 2020

  1. Hi Marcie

    When is your next trip planned. I’m definitely interested. It’s been awhile but would love to see you again.

  2. Hi Marcie, so happy to see you living your dream. Please visit or stay with me if you’re in the Bay Area. I’d like more info on visiting Italy.

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