What people are saying……

What People Are Saying


“I went to Tuscany Italy with five of my friends and Marcie.  We had the best time ever.  Marcie took us to places we would never have thought about going to. It was a fabulous trip and if you are thinking about Tuscany, I recommend letting Marcie plan your small group trip to Italy” From LeAnn C, Santa Rosa CA Apri 2017

“Our 10 day Tuscan Adventure was a trip of a lifetime.  I got to reconnect with old friends and experience a beautiful relaxing Italian lifestyle. The food, wine and charming atmosphere of the local people will stay with me forever. Thank you for this amazing journey.”  From Toby B., Atlanta, Georgia,  April 2017

From Lynda A.  Petaluma CA

“If you want an experience in Italy that matches your interests(art, architecture, literature, grape growing etc) then Marcie will fulfil that wish for you!”
Carol from Lafayette, CA Fall 2015

“Can’t imagine anyone putting more care and thought into it than Marcie did. Including that, every day was a beautiful balance and variety of experiences.
and as said before, can’t thank you enough”

Bill and M’Liss from Orinda CA, Fall 2015

“We had a fabulous time seeing local sights and great companions, off the well-beaten tourist path.’
Terry and Lois from Orinda CA

“Thanks for the opportunity to travel abroad in a safe and caring environment. You did a great job holding on to the tenants of experiencing Jewish culture, art and making connections.”
Margo from Ottawa, Ontario Canada Fall 2014