Experience Tuscany with ProntoMarcella!

When I visited Tuscany for the first time in 2004, I knew that I had found my spiritual home. Prontomarcella was created to share my Italian experiences- not only the food, art, and the landscapes, but also the people that have become my Italian family.
Cultural exchange is a different way to travel in order to share our most authentic selves. When we return home we are slightly different people, enriched by new friendships and experiences.

I was born in Toronto but moved to San Francisco in the seventies where I lived, worked and raised my family. Now I divide my time between Toronto, Tuscany and California, attempting to live my invented life as a writer, blogger, artist and culturally curious person.

Questions?  write me at: [email protected]

yes, I am in Rome for a short time, my heart remains in Tuscany!