How to overcome jet lag

Almost four years away from Firenze warrants at least four days to get reacquainted.

Here’s my plan:

Go to the cafe and drink a café doppio. (double espresso) No sugar. No milk.  I will savor the syrupy richness, inhale the earthy smell while admiring the thimble sized ceramic cup and doll sized spoon.

Try to find “schiacciata con l’uva” – flattened grape bread – and “Pan di Ramerino” – Rosemary & raisin buns – in the local bakery. It is also almost time for cenci and frittelle but that these treats deserve a post of their own


Try to remember all the dog’s names on the way from Anna’s house to the bus.

Buy a quart of Arancia Rosa – blood orange juice – the kind without sugar

Buy a sim card, carte agile for the bus and postage stamps- see if I can conduct these simple transactions in Italian without making a fool of myself.

On Sunday, eat pizza at the Casa del Popolo in Fiesole; try to get a window seat.


Visit Beatrice’s tomb in Dante’s Church, The Church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi.Try to time the visit on Valentine’s Day.  Watch the lovers leave their letters in the rattan basket and think about the story I started to write,  “Letters to Beatrice.” Write an outline on what historical time period(s) I will focus my story on.

What is the gelato flavor of the month at Grom’s? Look at the textbooks and the message board next door in Paperback Exchange; remember Elizabeth who used to work there and her amazing blog, “Letters from Florence”? E-mail her in Portland.

Find out what’s happening on the second floor of the San Lorenzo market, it was closed and being renovated  in 2010.  Have ribbolito downstairs at Nerbones. I’ve had my flirtation with tripe, I can move on and still feel like an adventurous eater.

Visit the Pharmacia Santa Maria Nouvelle. Stop in the foyer and savor the amalgam of the scents, and realize that it can never be purchased- it is a blend of all the aromas in the shop. Inhale deeply and try to remember the notes.


Visit Susan and deliver the North American dog treats that Kios so loves.  Make it up to the top floor of her apartment building without my heart exploding.  Promise to do better next time. Then go see Susan’s show at the Pitti Palace, Donne Protagoniste nel Novencento –Women in the Spotlight in the Twentieth Century”
Visit my favorite paper store Marzotto Carta on Borgo degli Albizi, Try not to spend too much money.

After an apertivo, called a “Spritz”, I should be ready to begin the work I came here to accomplish, as long as I pick up a supply of Pocket Coffee!






8 thoughts on “How to overcome jet lag

  1. Did you really mean an Aperol Spritz? We were introduced in Verona in 2012, August. Savor, enjoy, and get some rest. Ciao!

  2. upstairs in the market will be a new “mall” food court, book store, cooking school— etc. Privately owned- should open in march. tons of new places have opened and are opening!!! welcome back

  3. Hi Marce,
    Hugo and I are enjoying following you via your words and pictures.
    It’s obvious that you’re having a wonderful time.
    Happy for you!


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