The Adventure Continues ….

We visit the Textile Museum in Prato, Malo teaches us how to make baskets , we make pasta with Luciano, visit siena and dine with Elettra and Andreas

  • We visit Il bisonte in Florence, a print laborartory and school

4 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues ….

  1. This part of the trip seems amazing. You learned some great skills. The. Synagogue looks majestic. What a presence! Would be nice to visit at shabbat service and pray with the locals. I am sure they would welcome you with open arms.
    This trip is really well planned. Way to go Marcie. Your Canadian guests seem precious! Everyone happy and relaxed.

  2. Marcella,
    The whole trip looks so inviting I thought of running away and joining you.
    You know I now have this trip on bucket list …because of you!
    Keep up the blogs etc…we live vicariously through your adventure

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