Eight things I’m missing about Tuscany today

8.The smells: rosemary cascading down the rocks, lavender swarming with honeybees, wine barrels stained red, roses in rainbow colors, cedar after a rain, fresh herbs cooking in olive oil, lemon blossoms, walking by the pizzeria just in front of the Farmacia Santa Maria Nouvelle and inhaling the potpourri of all the scents awaiting me inside

  • Lemon trees at Il Colle

7. The sky: morning mists that are different each day, the night stars against the velvet, clouds that inspired renaissance paintings with the light shining through that looks like the hand of god

  • moon over florence

6. The music: of the Italian language. After a week I wake up in the morning with the sounds in my head, along with the emotion and joy it conveys

5. Being present: is easier here. Wherever I am, it is always the right place be it the seaside, city, mountain, farm or forest. I have everything I need.

  • view from Pienza

4. Art is life and life is art- be it making an unusual Christmas tree, artwork from fabric samples or candied violets from the garden, there is a spontaneity here that feeds my soul.

  • impromptu xmas tree 2014

3.The markets: that sell only what is grown local and in season. I buy only what I need for this day

2.My animal friends are always joyful. Pipino the miracle rooster, I miss your early morning wake up calls.

  • Zampa, RIP, one my favorite dogs

1.But most of all: my friends who never care about the past or what I might have done for a living, but are a part of the present, ready for the next adventure.

  • Cristina, one of my Italian partners and good friend

I will be back in September, with a special group of five, ready for new adventures in the peace of the countryside.
There is still room for one person (or another couple), should you wish to join us.

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