The San Franciscians have arrived!

Meet Bill and M’liss, who immediately proved themselves to be troopers by horseback riding at “Vecchio Texas” their first morning, after a long flight from the Bay Area.

  • Paperwork, very common in Italy!
  • La bella Bella at Vecchio Texas
  • Ready to ride horses!
  • Getting ready for the trail
  • Love birds!

Terry and Lois, who actually brought this group together to hike, explore nature and of course, eat well and drink lots of wine.

a brief pause  from eating at our cooking class

a brief pause from eating at our cooking class

And here is Carol, a retired teacher who volunteers with Terry at the Lindsey Wildlife hospital.


Day One

Lunch at le Panzanelle in Radda in Chianti, visit to Nora’s Cashmere Goat farm, followed by a stroll through the town of Radda. A visit from Elettra in the evening topped off this perfect day.

Day Two

In Panzano, we spent a few hours sampling local wines and talking about life with Stefano at The Accademia del Buon Gusto
Then on to Greve for a cooking class at La Cantina where Alessandro taught us how to make pizza, ravioli, tagliatelle, ragu, and tiramisu. When asked if we wanted to eat dinner “now” or come back “later”, we were speechless because we had not stopped sampling food and wine from the moment we entered the restaurant.
However, we somehow managed not to disappoint our hosts and eat and drink just a little bit more.

More stories to follow!

  • a brief pause from eating, at our cooking class
  • Group shot with Stefano
  • in the kitchen at La Cantina
  • The dinner crowd
  • Billy and Giovanni
  • Stefano of Accademia del Buon Gusto

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