Winter Is Coming to Tuscany

We finished the Olive harvest

The new oil is worth all the work

Malo, the ever inspirational

And Elettra, always curious and full of liffe


Saffron Harvest at Malo’s

The Days are getting shorter

Frost is on the pumpkin

Oranges arrive from the south

View of Il Colle in late Fall.

Even the sky has changed

vivid colours surround us

every view is breath taking

6 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming to Tuscany

      • thanks, sheila! It is breathtaking and even more beautiful knowing that snow will not be dumped on the landscape for four or five months, like in Toronto. The ground stays green and there are always flowers, much like the Bay Area. Maybe that’s why I feel so at home here.

  1. Hello my dear
    Your photos are wonderful and absolutely enticing. Who could resist Tuscany? I did not knowthat Saffron grew in Italy- and I would love to know how you get that heavenly powder . I know it has to be simple but Saffron has always seemed so magical to me – and I always associated it with India, Pakistan and Kashmir. Enjoy and do not return to Tironto before absolutely necessary ; if is getting extremely cold, damp, wretched- as we all know what lies ahead. I for one hate winter- and think you will be happier staying where the weather is reasonable.

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