Life in Poggio Alla Croce

A photo story

I’ve been getting to know new immigrants in Poggio Alla Croce since last fall. Take a look at my slideshow on how we work together in our little school under the church. The school is only the beginning of the dream inspired by Don Martino, the parish priest, and made into reality through the leadership of Andreas Formiconi. Meet the hardworking volunteer teachers- a blend of retirees, high school students, young mothers and established immigrants (among others) who come to the school to teach Italian to the newcomers. But most of all, meet the newcomers themselves who are brilliantly learning not only a new language but a new culture. They teach their teachers every day about the resiliency and the strength of the human spirit.

Truly, this project has renewed my faith in the power we each hold to make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Life in Poggio Alla Croce

  1. Hello Marcie

    Thank you for the update of all that’s happening in Poggio Alla Croce.

    I thought about you today. I went to the cinema and saw a new movie – The Pope: A Man of His Word.
    Not as much a movie about religion but more of a movie about Humanity!

    I would recommend you take 2 hrs out of your busy life and perhaps you and Elettra treat yourselves to this very beautiful film.

    • Thanks, Lynda! I’ll look for the movie and spread the word. The Pope visited this area recently (Loppiano) and Andreas, Elettra’s husband, was among those that got to attend. Hope you are enjoying the spring!

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