How we do it in San Cerbone

We buy our everyday wine at the Sfuso.

 “loose wine”  (“unpackaged” ). More properly defined: bulk wine, dream come true, wine on tap, wine from the cask (the barrel or container where wine is fermented, matured, stored or shipped)

Bring your own bottles or container, and you can taste before you buy.

Our friendly wine merchant  in the  nearby town of Incisa


a few of the offerings


more traditional fare is also available here at Osteria de’Medici


When we are too tired to cook, we go to Trattoria da Vito, the social hub of Poggio alla Croce where you can see and be seen by everyone.


Vito’s Trattoria, the centre of village life and the best cheesecake in Chianti,  according to Nora of Cashmere Goat farm fame


Vito, in a rare moment, relaxing on the job


daily specials


Stimulating conversations


pizza oven at our home in San Cerbone


crafted by Guilia and Sibghat


Every night the sunset is different and always spectacular



Moonrise in San Cerbone


Come and visit us soon!

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