Roman Holiday

When my good friends, Carolyn and Larry invited me to stay with them in   Trastevere I  said “yes!” What a wonderful vacation from my vacation!

Cavolo romano is as beautiful to admire as it is to eat!

Carolyn and I with our new best friend

Carolyn and Larry by the fountain at Piazza Navone

Best street art in Rome!

back to Lucca now but thank you, fellow travellers, for your generosity

An unexpected surprise: the Globe and Mail wrote to me that they accepted one of my stories for their “First Person” column. My piece is a nostalgic look at the plight of the independent bookseller. It is scheduled to be published on Thursday, November 28. (that’s Thanksgiving day for you Americans). I am sure I will post a link!

6 thoughts on “Roman Holiday

  1. Nora had an apartment on the Piazza Navona. Imagine! And I guess you didn’t walk by our vacation apartment on Via Giulia

  2. Congratulations Marcie! That’s wonderful news!
    And happy to see you out and about, making memories and enjoying your Roman Holiday.

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