My Crazy Italian Life

On Thursday nights, Elettra sings with a choir in Florence, near San Niccolo. The group meets in the Lutheran church where Italians gather to sing religious songs in German.
Last night I tagged along, thinking I could sit in the back of the church and listen. If I got bored, I could always go for a walk in the neighborhood or read a book.

However, that was not to be. The choir met in a library where chairs were set up in a semi circle. I was immediately introduced and handed sheet music. Like it or not, I was going to be part of the choir.

I was welcomed without question. No one seemed to care if I could sing or not, or even speak Italian for that matter. I felt very at home – and believe me, I am not a singer! Even in the shower. I was happily out of my comfort zone.

First we were askedn to stand up and we did some warm up exercises. Our leader was an animated woman with a voice like an angel. “EEEE eee EEE oh” We went through some scales for about ten minutes.
This was not so hard, I could hum along. So far, so good, I thought.

Next we sang a German prayer, this was harder because I had to sing in German but still, I could fake it.
Next was “silent night’- at least I knew the melody! But I never could sing in harmony so I continued to hum along.
I remembered that I had a recording device on my phone so I recorded some of the songs for Elettra so she could study at home.
The songs got progressively more difficult, but the group did well and smiled through any mistakes.

I will return to the choir on a Thursday night if I am invited and maybe my group would also enjoy the experience.
To be welcomed without question, in a foreign country by people who just want to sing for the pure joy of it, is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to italy.

I never know what experience is going to surprise me and make me smile.

some of the music  the choir works on last night

some of the music the choir works on last night

an italian song among the german ones!

an italian song among the german ones!

3 thoughts on “My Crazy Italian Life

  1. Marcella, Now you can sing ! This was such a great story and I can just imagine you
    preparing to sneak out if you had a chance. Ha!
    Your adventure and friends are an envy to everyone who reads your blog.
    Enjoy and you owe me coffee.

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