Adventures in Tuscany- first days!

enjoy the slide show of our first few days! What a wonderful group of women!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Tuscany- first days!

  1. My Dear Marcie and your fabulous friends—–I am so jealous, ITALY brings back so many WONDERFUL memories!!!!! I am just OLD but I thank goodness I have all my marbles with a few exceptions. I was at H.B.T. to-day and we played Scrabble. Mama Mia —some (two and a half) were a little “A.C. D.C. But The guest Speaker was Bill Gladstone and anyone to-day was elderly and they I mean we knew all about T.O. in the ward–Spadina,College, before from the —I am too tired to continue after ten. I will send this later.

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