Dreaming of Spring 2017

Some images to get us planning our adventure!


  • Lemon trees at Il Colle

One thought on “Dreaming of Spring 2017

  1. Marcie, it was/is good to see you.

    There are always reasons why people don’t stay in contact, so here goes mine: I don’t like Facebook, simple as that. My daughter and wife are total Facebookers, so I’m getting forced back into it. I teach about Facebook, but keep it hidden that i yes hate it, don’t know why. So I’ve not kept up with you as I should have.

    I’m in Mondays ’til 12:30 and Tuesdays pretty much all day. Am going to retire pretty soon, and (real estate gods willing) move to the Portland area. Thanks for remembering about Lynnette and daughter, who is slowly (way too slowly) coming out of her pissy funk (she’s 29, abt time) and doing better.

    As always, I have respected and do respect what you are doing with yourself. Good for you. Bob

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