Somebody is happy to see me!

and these guys too I think!

But here I am: I can see the Cross at Poggio Alla Croce from Elettra’s house

My flight over was way longer than usual, with the baggage handler strike in Toronto making me late for my connection in Paris and then windy conditions over Florence took me to Bologna. I took a bus to Florence airport and imagine my joy to be met by Anna who took me to the train station. I boarded a train to Figline and there on the platform was Elettra’s smiling face!

But some things have changed. Zampa, my favourite German Shepard died peacefully with Elettra. It was a huge loss to the family after so many faithful years. I miss Zampa as I wander around the house and walk in the woods. I have never seen this house dog-less before, I remember in 2008 there were 4 dogs!

Last Autumn was Zampa’s final olive harvest. She was not well, but she joined us every day to make sure we were doing everything correctly.

The very first time I met Elettra and Zampa, they were picking olives at Malo’s agriturismo, Poggio Pratelli.

The other big change is the state of the land in Tuscany. There has been no rain all spring and summer and everyone suffered from the high temperatures. The olive trees especially are at risk and if there is a harvest this year at all, it will be very sparse.

Though the temperatures are cooler now and there has been some rain these past few weeks, “Lucifer” has done his damage.

I did a big grocery expedition and set up the house at Il Colle for my guests who arrive tomorrow!

Last night I watched Giovanni decant and label his last bottles of oil from 2016.

The fun begins tomorrow when Mike and Carolyn, Bruce and Judy and Louise and Johanna arrive!

7 thoughts on “Arrivo!

  1. Welcome Home…the herbs and plants are watered and happy at your other home! Sorry to hear it was such a hassle getting there, but how wonderful to have such good friends to lighten up and brighten up the journey. Sunny and warm here all next week (24-26C) courtesy of Hurricane Irma. Wishing you and the group a magically couple of weeks. Keep the pictures coming!

  2. I can feel the joy in your words for being back “home”, and of course the sorrow too for the loss of Zampa. Our two German Shepards fill the house with energy, joy and abounding love … and loosing them would be so very-very difficult. Looking forward to following along, and living the days and weeks ahead through your eyes and words as you embark on another wonderful adventure. Ciao!

    • thanks for the long distance friendship – love your animals and will see you in the wintertime in “sunny” California!

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