Hiking with Daniel: Ravello, Herculaneum, and San Galgano


I had ten days free between my two groups this fall. So my friend, Daniel, came to Italy in search of an adventure. Daniel arranged all the details of our holiday-from our lodging, to our rental car and all the places in between.
We planned to spend a few days in Naples and then go on to Ravello, both places I have never visited before.
But Daniel’s luggage got lost, so we had to wait in Florence for its arrival.
As a result, we didn’t have any time to spend in Naples. We took the train from Firenze to Naples where we picked up a rental car to transport us to Ravello. It was a harrowing drive along the coast, made even more exciting because it was a glorious Saturday and the motorcycle daredevils were out in full force. We were happy when we finally arrived! We parked the car and vowed to leave it parked until we had to leave.

Our Air B&B was fantastic- we had a rooftop deck with a spectacular view.

look here to see our air b&b

  • view from our roof top

We found a wine bar called Babel and besides great food and wine, we met the charming Rahila whose father is the owner of Babel.

Meet Rahila, whose father owns Babel in Ravello

We watched the cat population that evening after dinner.

  • Another Saturday night in Ravello

The next day we took a bus down to Amalfi.

We visited the paper museum but soon tired of the crowds. We knew Ravello was the best place to spend our precious time.
We spent the afternoon in the garden of Villa Cimbrone

And we returned to Babel for one last meal.

In the morning, we stopped by Herculaneum

  • "Come hither", she said

We returned the car to Naples. Driving in this city was much more harrowing than driving on the Amalfi coast!
I swore I wouldn’t get in the car again for a long time but Daniel convinced me to go to San Galgano with him a few days before my next group was scheduled to arrive. San Galgano is still a very special place but it has gotten more commercial since my last visit nine years ago. There is now a wine bar, a restaurant and even an agriturismo!

10 thoughts on “Hiking with Daniel: Ravello, Herculaneum, and San Galgano

    • thanks for reading and commenting Sheila! MaybeI’ll spend a month in Ravello or maybe even Lucca and design a program!

  1. Marcie,
    This is wonderful! I’m not sure how I didn’t know about your blog but thankfully I do now. I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures – especially those with Daniel.
    Take care!

    • Thanks for reading and sending me a note! You can probably tell that Daniel and I had a great time and laughed a lot!

  2. I am so envious, but thank you for letting me live vicariously through your adventures! And I hope Daniel makes it to Toronto one day. He sounds like fun! ❤

  3. Marcie, so great to read that you and Daniel are still the best of friends. Your adventures are inspiring.
    Happy New Year with good health and prosperity.

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