In Firenze, at Casa Thiele alla Signoria

In the small village of Paterno, we meet Cristina, Luca and Babo Antonio.

Antonio (he’s 98) and Marcie

Cristina has prepared a feast for us: antipasti consisting of three kinds of tapenade, two kinds of Polenta, beans with homemade cinghiale sausages, mixed vegetables and a sunny desert.

Bruce among the sunflowers

exquisite lunch and company- not to mention the scenery!

When we arrive at Anna’s Bed and Breakfast, Casa Thiele we are amazed at the attention to detail in this newly opened luxury bed and breakfast. From the modern lighting to the linen and even the coffee cups, Anna has expressed her individual creativity and warmth.

Every room has a theme. I’m in the Cloud room, with wire sculptures of clouds and a painting. The circular motif is carried over to the mirrors and other fixtures.

The Cloud room

After we settle in, we walk up to Piazzale Michaelangelo to watch the sunset.

It’s Saturday night, so the town is jumping but eventually, we find a tiny trattoria near San Niccolo where we had the best homemade ravioli with gorgonzola cheese and pears. If only I could remember the name of this trattoria! But I will find it again and write down the name. (unless it was all a dream!)

A few days later, in Fiesole, we eat dinner, prepared by our private chef, Novella. She creates fried polenta with lardo, gnudi, cutlets, her famous potatoes AND a dessert to remember.

Our chef tonight, Novella

Anna and Marcie, looks like trouble!

We climb to the top of the Duomo, toured the Ufizzi, gaze at The David and explore the hidden alleys of Firenze. Of course, there is some leather shopping.

Thank you Clet!

But what I remember most, is the friendship and the laughter this group shares. And it was my intention and joy to introduce them to my beloved Italian friends- Elettra, Cristina and Lucca and of course Anna.

We will be back for sure!

Off to Cinque Terre, safe travels Mike and Carolyn!

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