Happy New Year from Three countries

Looking back at 2017

Here is my photographic review of the year


2017 olive harvest in Tuscany

  • Goat in a tree

Created three unique experiences to Tuscany where we lived in the farmhouse at Il Colle in Poggio Alla Croce

New friends

Attended the Women’s March on January 20 in San Francisco and then enjoyed 6 weeks visiting friends. (and escaping cold weather!)

One of the highlights being my first trip to Yosemite

I did a few art Demos in Blicks in downtown SF ( totally faked it)



In the Spring, I made a new home in Toronto and even if I’m not there very often, it’s where I always come back to

And hiking with Daniel!

In Poggio, I learned from the new immigrants and helped raise funds for the community through GoFundMe. I will continue this work in Spring 2018. I hope to earn my title “Official Photographer of Poggio Alla Croce.”

I feel like I’m hanging out with vintage movie stars!

I studied mindfulness meditation, began my yoga practice and re-committed myself to the writing life.

If all goes as planned, in a few weeks I will have my vision restored through cataract surgery.

Happy and healthy New Year to all of you and I hope we meet soon, in person, in Tuscany, in California or Toronto or even here in the blogosphere…

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