Fabulous Women Part 2

And here is  Nancy, who was on her way to New York and could not join the airport festivities in Munich.

We took day trips to Lucca, Siena, Florence, and many other places along the way

Let’s remember some of the great meals we enjoyed together… from our leisurely breakfasts with all kinds of coffee requests, fresh eggs, to cereal and fruit. And here are some of the more exotic  tastes we sampled:

Poached caramelized pear at the market
Budino (flan) made for us by Barbara
Pizza crafted by Giulia and Sibghat
Pakistani Feast started with these potato fritters, Thanks again to Sibghat and Giulia

It’s a real plus to have our on-site hairdresser on board! Some local Italians will have to wait until Silvina’s next trip!

We got tickets to the 92nd Impruneta Festa d’ella Uva, dancing, singing and storytelling in the  town square

But more than anything, we remember the friendships that were formed, with new connections from different cultures

Giulia and her  mom, Elettra
Andreas and Elettra, our hosts 
Sibghat and Giulia, extraordinary chefs!
Barbara can’t resist being a walrus but she was also our private chef who delivered some delicious meals while we were out
the beautiful Malo
and our hosts, Elettra and Andreas
Every night, the sunset is glorious yet different from the night before

Come back soon! There is still much to experience, here in Tuscany

San Galgano- next time!

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Women Part 2

    • I’m always ready to welcome you but you are such a world traveller, checking exotic places off your bucket list!

    • We had a great time, hope you are well! I still remember walking the wall with you in Lucca!
      Hope to see you again. Marcie

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