Time to Say Goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye to my short time in Tuscany but I plan to return for the olive harvest next month. So I tell myself, I’m taking a short vacation home to Toronto.

The church at San Cerbone is on the property and will be renovated next
San Cerbone view from the cross
view from Il Colle
every day the sky is different and equally spectacular!
it’s not so pretty, but it’s the highest spot in Poggio and a easy hike to the top
View of the village from the cross
Who knows the name of  this  majestic plant?  in english or Italian?

I’m making this post in airports today, first in Firenze and now in Paris, Waiting for my ride to Toronto.  Thanks for joining me on a few my adventures.  A presto!  Your comments are always welcome.

4 thoughts on “Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Marcie, Your photos are as delicious as all of the food and drink you show us. My spiritual home is Sedona, AZ.
    So I know what you mean about Tuscany. I can see that you are thriving there. Nice that you have been able to create a pleasant business while you are there.

    thank you for sharing
    Love, Mary

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