April in Tuscany

Robin, Debbie, Colleen and Daniel explored Tuscany with me and not only were they delightful company but enthusiastic travellers ready to embrace new experiences and friends. How do I summarize only some of the memories?   Here is a humble attempt!

Meeting our famous neighbour, Giovanni

On Tuesday morning, we strolled through Greve

and then to Volpia for lunch at Bar Ucci and a stroll..

On Wednesday, our guide, Laura met us in Florence to show us the best of the Uffizi and introduce us to David

Laura arrives with a smile and a big umbrella!

On Thursday, we went to Podere Le Fornace, a goat farm and dairy where Robin could eat everything!

And then after lunch, we went to Panzano in time to catch the parade, in honour of the Good Season- ” Festa Della Stagion Buona”

On Friday, we were back in Florence where some of us climbed to the top of the Dome and some of us didn’t. (but a good time was had by all!) After lunch at Casalinga, Laura took us to meet some artisans, in private houses.  I never would have found them on my own!

On Saturday, we went to the town of Impruneta, where terrecotte is made. We saw a  rather large production and then a small artisan who made  beautiful things.

Sunday we went to the town of Castellina (best gelato in Tuscany here!)  and Monteregiano.

On Monday, it was time to spend the day in the walled city of Lucca where we climbed a tower and walked the walls.

Tuesday we woke up early to experience the weekly market in Figline Valdarno. And then we had the opportunity to tour an old silk weaving factory, the Foundazione Arte della Seta Lisio, that is still operational.

And so we kept on! My friend Malo, of Poggio Pratelli,  made us lunch based on the products of her garden. She demonstrated how she creates her baskets in the ancient tradition. She also makes cosmetics from her iris roots and creates a very specific olive oil.

Wednesday was our last day- May 1- We went the Castello del Trebbio – once owned by the Pazzi family, now the private home of Anna and Stefano Baj Macario. And of course, we enjoyed the fruits of our labour for our late lunch along with a sampling of the wines produced on the property.

baby chicks born Easter Sunday at San Cerbone

Celebrations with friends, we will re-unite again soon!

4 thoughts on “April in Tuscany

  1. It all looks marvelous! I love watching artisans. It looks to have been quite a packed schedule and everyone looks happy.

  2. I always enjoy your photos and the narrative. It looks like another fabulous trip with some new adventures!

  3. As always, Marcie, you have a way of making us all feel like we are on the trip with you. Thanks. Ken

  4. Love your photos, Marcie. What a wonderful adventure for all and your photos always bring me back to our Tuscan adventure a couple of years ago, such a wonderful experience!

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