Chianti Paradiso

I have been on vacation for two weeks now- my guests arrive in a few days  I’m very excited to welcome Daniel once again as well as Robin, Debbie and Colleen.  I was also privileged to introduce Louise and Simon to my life here in Tuscany.  Below are a few photos taken at San Cerbone, the home of my friends, Elettra and Andreas.

Vito, of Vito’s Trattoria, taking a rare break
and the beautiful Alessia, who is also a talented seamstress
i really tried to clean my plate,as my mother taught me…
But this is a far as I could go. (Vito makes THE BEST limoncello BTW)

Louise and Simon came to Visit

New friends and fellow travellers, Nathan and Sun Sun 

and of course a visit to Firenze!

and I was filmed (2-minute spot that might be cut!) for a documentary about the refugee project in Poggio

Documentary film-maker, Danielle and Journalist, Mateo

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