Walk the walls of Lucca with me this morning!

Do you have the time to meander slowly with me? It ‘s only 3.6 miles around the ancient walls. I promise you a great lunch at the finish at Trattoria Guilia.  I’m a bit lonely today, so I appreciate your company!

But first, are you wearing comfortable shoes?

OK, we are ready! 

Let’s start here, admiring this lovely dog  (and maybe also the man) and the fountain at Palazzo Pfanner
This boulevard reminds me a bit  of Rome, no?
my favourite colours
this too!
I love the textures!
a lily pond ( AKA mosquito farm)
a peaceful place to rest, it’s easy to get off the wall and then return to our walk
again, the textures make my eyes happy!
this graffiti has been here for years! I love it
this makes me think of a moat along the walls, but I think it is a canal

Oh, you should have mentioned you wanted to bike! Next time, I promise!

But when we bike, there will not be as many photos!

Are you thirsty? No problem, I brought some water for you from San Salvatore fountain.

Don’t be afraid of the fountains, the water is purer than tap water!
Pollo sotto un mattone, (chicken cooked under a brick . You will thank me for suggesting this choice at Trattoria Guilia
Wine and a salad complete the meal…

Aren’t you glad you came with me? I feel much better! Thank you for your company. Next time, we will take photos looking in the other direction where the fortifications and green space exist. Learn more about the walls of Lucca here:https://www.visittuscany.com/en/ideas/the-green-city-walls-of-lucca/

11 thoughts on “Walk the walls of Lucca with me this morning!

  1. Buon giorno Marcella, che sognio vivi! You make me sigh, thanks for the pics. I’m picking up Julian at Union this morning for Thanksgiving. So happy to see him. I haven’t given up on a short trip to Lucca to celebrate with you. Ciao carissima, divertiti. Give our beautiful glass lower a big hug from me. P

  2. Beautiful surroundings, love the majestic old buildings.
    Lunch looked very yummy, intrigued by the chicken cooked under a brick.

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