Arrivato in sicurezza a Lucca

Arrived safely in Lucca

I learned that a six-hour layover in Amsterdam is difficult at this stage in my life. Used to be manageable but not anymore. Even though there were tulips!

Amsterdam airport

Amsterdam is a “silent” airport but it was so cold and damp.  I was shivering and sweating, thinking I was getting sick. When I finally got to Pisa I was able to buy a bus ticket to Lucca by speaking Italian, even with my foggy brain. The bus turned out to be a local with many stops but I was happy to experience the scenery. When I arrived in Lucca I found my way to Palazzo Tucci without google maps because I had no wifi.

My front door at Palazzo Tucci

My apartment was even better than the photos I had seen!  Daniela Forti, the renowned glass artist was there to greet me.

my bedroom
Living room

My next task was to find the TIM store so I could sign up for phone and internet service. No one was more surprised than myself that I could accomplish this without getting lost!

By now I was ready to SLEEP. 

The next day I gave myself permission to wander and wonder to get the lay of the land.

My first meal looked delicious but was a disappointment. Tuna was reminiscent of cat food, tomatoes were tasteless. But the beer was cold!

my first walk on the Walls

and how can I resist photographing the bicycles in Lucca? Soon I will rent one.  I hope.

And here is my temptation! Happy the shop was closed. I love this Tuscan pottery and the blue finish is hard to find. Last time I brought some back, the pottery broke during transport.

and one last photo for today:

This is LIS, Lucca Italian School where I will take a class on Tuesday to see how it goes. 

Lucca Italian School

Looking forward to hearing from you via this blog! A presto!

30 thoughts on “Arrivato in sicurezza a Lucca

  1. Wow, arcie! Very impressive. I had to pause and find Lucca in a map. A month eh? It seems like a year since I saw you. Did your partner come visit you as planned…sorry hisname escapes me right now. Or perhaps he is with you now.I am still on my own, sans partner. Still dogging it at EHS but now taking another begibbers Spanish class….hate to admit how many beginnrs Spanish courses I have taken…If I ever get to and master the past tense I will have won.
    Enjoy and keep in touch…getting cool/cold here….mid teens, wet and windy more often than not…ken

    • thanks for writing, I struggle with learning new languages but I do recommend immersion. I am speaking more and always surprised when I am understood. but it is a struggle… Errol will come at the end of the month. Hope we can get together in December at The Only. Keep well and dog on. 🙂

    • it’s a very special place. I searched for a public library today- a beautiful building (old!) but has no funding (no internet!) so it was like a trip to the past. Looking for a place hang out around books. Not a surprise! Keep doing your art and stay in touch.

  2. Marcella, so great to see so much of Lucca. Inspired me to rummage through my Flickr account and find my Lucca photos. Be careful!! I might come sit on one of those chairs!!

    • you are welcome to come! I get a bit lonely sometimes, but I will adjust. I am speaking more Italian than I ever imagined. Send me some Lucca photos, curious to see how you envisioned Lucca when you were here.

  3. As always wonderful pictures. Glad to know you’ve arrived there safe and sound. The apartment looks luxurious. Enjoy

  4. Your place looks so inviting and lovely and roomy. The town is also beautiful! Rent that bike soon! You obviously know more Italian than you think. What an adventure you are about to embark upon.

    • thanks ellen! It is an adventure for sure! still getting accustomed to the environment. I will take a sample Italian class next Tuesday and then decide if I will sign up for a week. (very expensive)
      More later…. sending love

  5. Hi Marcie,
    I think that was one of my favorite days, the visit to Lucca. I’m itching to go back. I think it would be so much fun to be at the language school and have that beautiful wall to walk and bike around. That little bike shop we walked into was great too… I wish I would have bought a few more gifts there for my guy cycling family members! Have a great time in Lucca!

  6. Great to see you have arrived safely and are getting a great start to your adventure in Lucca, Marcie!! We will be traveling to Croatia and Slovenia in 2 days!! Looking forward to learning about a new culture and exploring new places. Hugs!

  7. I was in Lucca for a day a few years ago. Not enough. Hope to make it again soon for a longer stay. I enjoy your pictures, it is like visiting from afar.

    • thanks for writing! I will soon know Lucca and the surrounding area very well and hopefully not need google to get around. in the past, I had only done day trips here, living here for a month is a real adventure!
      and then I will pick olives in November.

  8. Oh so beautiful, Marcie. We were so lucky to visit Palazzato Tucci with you last year. You are stirring up many fond memories. Enjoy!

  9. Oh Marcie, we were so luck to visit Palazzo Tucci with you last year. Such a wonderful place. You are stirring many terrific memories. Enjoy!

    • Hope you are well… Silvina and I still discuss a visit to your neck of the woods- hopefully, next year in the better weather

  10. Hello Marcie ,
    Indeed miss seeing you in yoga class but wow what a great adventure ! Love love the photographs of bicycles . Such Beauty all around ,what a delight it would be to bike around in these Italian streets …did you get to rent one yet ?
    Have fun and looking forward to connecting when you get back .

  11. Happy to see you in your happy place! I am surprised, though, that you don’t feel fully conversant in Italian at this point. (Not a criticism at all, just a bit surprised, as you comfortably spend so much time there. And I am so envious.)

    • I am fluent but not bilingual! My Italian friends all speak English so they like the practice and I am lazy! That is why I picked Lucca, where I don’t know anyone! Hope you are well! I miss the Bay area and wish I could live there again. Maybe after 2020 election??????

  12. Marcella! What beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing with us. Your apartment is gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear about your Tuesday class. Your trip is inspiring me to get back into Italian. Perhaps this is a good time for you to read Jhumpa Lahiri’s book, In Other Words! I love you; looking forward to more updates. And how interesting that Celine Dion will be in Lucca?

    • Miss you, my dear friend! I will try to phone you soon via WhatsApp or skype! Today it is raining a bit, I will write in the cafe!

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