Sono Qui (I am here)

hike to Malo’s in the rain

Even though I just arrived, nothing could stop me from experiencing the spring after a long winter in Toronto. 

malo’s iris are soon to bloom!

One of my favourite views from Malo’s farms. Wisteria in bloom!

I walked down to Le celle and guess who was there- but only for 48 hours!

Magic blossoms!

Then back to Malo’s where I met  some new friends who were learning how to make baskets, though at this moment the olive oil was more exciting!

But soon it was time for school and I was happy to see some familiar faces. They can now teach me Italian!

And finally a visit to Vito’s for a glass of prosecco!

And I’ve only just arrived!

lovely welcome at Elettra’s farm.

stay tuned and I will continue to post about my adventures. Sending hugs from Poggio alla Croce!

4 thoughts on “Sono Qui (I am here)

    • you should come back to Tuscany! it would be wonderful to show you my life here. Let’s talk about it when I’m back!

  1. You really convey the warmth and joy of homecoming in both your words and images, Marcie. What a delight!

    • thanks for commenting Melissa! this is such a special place to me- I am taking my group to a weaving workshop- I will certainly post photos and tell you about the experience. One day I hope you will come to Tuscany.

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