Countdown to Lucca!

In October, I will be travelling outside of my comfort zone. (not found on any map!) I will be living, by myself, in Lucca for the month.

My goal is to speak only Italian AND look for new venues and activities for future Pronto Marcella travellers. I chose Lucca because:

1. I don’t know anyone there who speaks English and 

2. the cultural life is rich enough that I won’t get bored.

I have rented an apartment in Palazzo Tucci

my front door for  a month
my future living room

I might even take a class at Lucca Italian School

Maybe I will dust off that draft of a historical novel set in Tuscany. Does anyone remember the adventures of Celine?

Enjoy the slideshow of Lucca!

I will take some day trips to Cinque Terre, Torre del Lago, Portofino and other places I haven’t yet even heard of yet. Any suggestions? Let me know!

In November, I will stay with friends, helping with the olive harvest

waiting to be pressed
Taken a few years ago in Lucca

If you know anyone interested in participating in my next groups,  Spring or Fall 2020, please let me know!

10 thoughts on “Countdown to Lucca!

  1. Ciao bella! I’m interested in the Spring 2020, but I am unable to do the longer trip like Debbie and Robin did as it is my first year at a new job, and I don’t want to ask for the time off. Please keep me posted! Grazie mille.

  2. Oh Marcie: I recognize all of these pictures of Lucca. Such a beautiful place! And I LOVE your apartment! Can’t wait for more pictures.
    Love, Robin

    • Photos will come! We had such a great day there just a few months ago. I felt i needed to do something different and a tiny bit scary. That’s how I define an adventure!

    • Thank Mary! I remember spending a day there with you and your friends, walking the walls and wandering through the streets of Lucca. I will certainly be posting about my time in the area.

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